The term healthy food is generally used to describe foods that are beneficial to health. a Normal healthy diet require supplement of nutrients , healthy food is some time used as an umbrella, it  is to provide  nutritional  support  for the  body the food we get from different sources like plants & animals which  contain essential nutrients like carbohydrates ,proteins ,vitamins, or minerals .

Historically, people used to get food in two different ways: hunting & gathering and agriculture. Almost all food is from plants and animal origin.

Many plants or plants parts are eaten as food. There are around 2,000 species of plants which are cultivated for food and animals are used as food directly or indirectly by product they produce.    food which is directly taken from an animal and products produced by animals include milk,meat etc. In addition birds and other animals lay eggs which are often eaten &bees produce honey.

There are different types of food; they are Comfort food, fast food, junk food, natural food, organic food, whole food.